Thursday, November 16, 2017

Order of Malta Investiture

A great honor to be a Knight of Malta.  

That I, with chivalrous fidelity, may always be found worthy to cherish and defend the cross.

Equestrian Order of the Holy Seplchre Investiture with Cardinal Tisserant

Just last night I had a nice chat with Cardinal Tisserant's ex-secretary, now 90 years old.  I think Tisserant's cause for canonization should be proposed. 

Pulpit of St. Patrick's Cathedral Where Cardinal Pacelli Preached

Cardinal Pacelli at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York

Procession for Solemn High Mass in 1936.  Three years later he would be pope.  As Secretary of State, he has jurisdiction; therefore his cappa magna is outstretched. 

Arms of Venerable Pius XII in St. Patrick's Cathedral

Cardinal Spellman had this put here after upgrades to the sanctuary to honor the reigning Pontiff who had visited and celebrated Mass here just a few years before he was elected Pope. 

Tomb of Bishop Fulton Sheen in St. Patrick's Cathedral

The prie-dieu is from  Bishop Sheen's private chapel in NYC.  

It was donated to the cathedral by his cousin, Thomas (and wife Yolanda) Holliger. 

Where Bishop Fulton Sheen Lived in New York City

East 43rd Street at St. Agnes rectory, located near the UN and Grand Central Station. 

Home of Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand in New Rochelle (from 1964-1977)

A lovely home at 43 Calton Road East.  DVH lived here until his death in 1977.  In fact, he passed away here, while laying in bed in the den.  I would like to see his cause for canonization proposed. DVH was a convert to the Faith and one of the very best Catholic philosophers of the twentieth century.  It would be nice to see this somehow preserved as a museum/library or meeting place for Catholic intellectuals.   

Home of Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand in New York City (from 1941-1964)

A lovely home at 448 Central Park West, overlooking Central Park.  DVH arrived in the USA in 1940 as a destitute refugee after having fled the Nazis who were hunting him.  This was his first real home in the New World, which he maintained until he retired from teaching at Fordham Uni and accepted another position in New Rochelle.  I wish some good Catholic foundation could rent the flat and host DVH study days and cocktail parties here.     

Catholic Knighthood Exemplifies the Finest Ideals of Chivalry and the Best Traditions of Old Romance

Read of the "IX Worthies" here:

Catholic Gin: the BEST is Archangel Gin

This is our favorite gin:

It is made in Norfolk, the land where the Royal family traditionally spends their Christmas at Sandringham House.  The water is from the enchanting little hamlet of Walsingham, which is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in the UK.  It is quite a lovely place to visit, especially in the autumn to admire the nature, the fall colours, seeing game birds everywhere, including grouse and pheasant, while hearing hunters and their dogs call in the distance. 

I have to say Archangel Gin is my absolute favorite gin.  In fact, I like it so much I drink it straight.    

Spiritual Highlights of France Pilgrimage Tour 2018

Do not miss out on this budget-friendly tour!

$200 discount for those who register by January 1, 2018.

Visit La Salette, Fontgombault Abbey, Ars, Lyon, Tours...see the incorrupt bodies of St. Bernadette, St. John Vianney St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and St. Catherine Laboure!

See here for details:

Catholic Womanhood: Veil and Gloves

A class act.  So proud of my daughter!  Catholic culture thrives in "Latin Mass" communities.

Why?  Because the church culture surrounding it makes known the treasures of Catholicism within the context of a Western culture that is in the process of rejecting it and the Faith responsible for its own greatness.  The tried traditions of the Church offer an antidote to the universal phenomenon of an accelerating secularism that is hostile to church and the salvific charge given to it by our Lord.

The Extraordinary Form of the Roman rite disseminates through a variety of disciplines the fullness of Catholic culture and helps fight against the corrupting influence of secularism and its many corollaries.  

Pilgrim's Map of Jerusalem

Notice the Holy Sepulchre is at the center. 

Catholic Culture: Medallion for Baby Crib

Yours truly purchased this in Fatima as a gift for friends with a new baby living in Paris.  These lovely medallions are seen in Catholic countries, offered in blue or pink, available in Rome, Fatima and elsewhere.  You can easily pin them in the stroller (pram) or in the baby crib or bassinet.  Always make sure to have a priest bless it.    

Restore Our Men to the Faith

Sacred Liturgy in Canada

Eucharistic procession at our wonderful parish in Canada, Saints Joachim and Ann in Aldergrove, British Columbia.  We are very proud of this little parish in the Fraser Valley east of Vancouver.  All of this is thanks to our excellent pastor, Fr. William Ashley!     

Ideas for All Hallows' Eve Saints Parties in Your Parish

This is how it's done, seen in Canada!  God bless homeschool families...they get it and merit first place for creativity and fun!

Note to Catholic Moms: How to Put on a Perfect All Hallows' Eve Saints Party for Kids

Hopefully Catholic moms will be brought to this post from Google searches.  I invite moms to spearhead celebrations like this on the parish level.  You can get a few ideas from the photos.  Work with your pastor.  Make it liturgical - include Vespers.  And lots of candy!  Sometimes it takes a mom.  Moms are perfect for this.  Thanks, Sarah, for putting on this great celebration in Canada!